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Global Mobility Compliance – engaging in crossborder activities? You cannot avoid this topic.

Even a “short business trip” can have consequences

Many of you might now it, some of might already guess, but many employees and also HR departments who have not yet had so many cross-border activities are not a hundred percent aware of the fact that even a “short businesstrip” (e.g. to the Netherlands) may have an impact on an employee’s tax and social security. 

During our tax and social security session in the info-breakfast and networking on May 16th 2018 at  New Horizons English we went through various kinds of cross border activities – such as extended business trips or assignments – and what to bear in mind.

Base rule: Pay where you work

Our guest speaker tax advisor Annett Leitgebel explained the base rule for tax and social security: pay in the country where you work, but think about possible exceptions to avoid double payments.

We discussed the rules and exceptions based on actual cases the attending companies brought to the table. We are sure that this helped to have a practical application.

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Impressions of the event: