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“When travelling, there is a companion. In life, there is compassion.” (tabi wa michizure yo wa nasake)


This Japanese saying means that encounters are what keeps us going and that in all aspects of life the encounters with others and mutual support are crucial for us. Especially, when we move outside of what we are familiar with – outside of our comfort zone.

I would be honoured to be one of the companions or pathfinders supporting you with your cross-cultural challenges.

TAYORI (頼り) is the Japanese expression for “trust”, “reliance”, “reliability” or “confidence”. And it stands for what marks the relationship between my customers and I:

  • A trustful and personal relationship forms the basis of our cooperation – right from the beginning
  • In addition, my customers welcome my commitment and my reliable and transparent working style
  • Success means to me that my customers gain security and confidence through my services – for their work with Japanese or German customers, clients and business partners or for their start into their new life in a new environment

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