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References (extract):

Kotodo Takahashi Corporation Omron Electronics GmbH
Romberg Japanservice
NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH UBE Europe GmbH
NSK Deutschland GmbH Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH


  • We had Japanese employees supported by Tayori in several cases in 2018/2019. The cooperation was very pleasant, very fast, efficient and reliable. Ms. von dem Bussche, was always available even for urgent or spontaneous matters. She also always had advice on different related topics. I always felt very well advised and looked after. Due to her very polite and friendly attitude, the cooperation was always very nice, for me and also for our Japanese employees. I can fully recommend Tayori / Ms. von dem Bussche.

    Lilian Gers, Business Assistant, NEC Deutschland GmbH
  • Ms. von dem Bussche assisted us in obtaining residence permits for our Japanese expatriates in situations when we needed assistance to move on. She found a solution quickly and completely reliable. As part of the respective appointment preparation we got all the information we needed in detail. Due to her Japanese language skills, our employees felt very comfortable and well cared for during the appointment. Also later on we still got all the information regarding the ongoing events that were relevant to us. Since the cooperation went smoothly both with us in the personnel department, as well as with our Japanese colleagues, we can fully recommend the cooperation with Ms. von dem Bussche.

    L.B., member of the HR Department of the German subsidiary of a Japanese corporation
  • I was very satisfied with the fast and customer-oriented service tailored to my needs.

    S.N., Japanese expatriate in the German subsidiary of a Japanese Corporation
  • We are very satisfied with the quick response to our inquiries. It is also helpful that we are offered various solutions to our requests. If there is any problem, Tayori is a reliable contact.

    M.K., employee in the HR department in the German subsidiary of a Japanese Corporation
  • I especially liked the friendly atmosphere that made it easy for me to ask for advice.

    S.I., Japanese Expatriate in the German subsidiary of a Japanese Corporation
  • Also on complex topics (residence permit, insurance, etc.) we were advised in Japanese. The information was passed on to the people concerned without delay, information was clearly presented (e.g. by using a comparison table for the choice of housing and insurance) and everything went smoothly.

    M.W., Expat Coordinator of the European HQ of a Japanese electronics manufacturer

Cooperation partner:

Japan Intercultural Consulting for whom I also work as a Consultant.